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Das Produktion Machine has experience with projects across the budget spectrum. From multi-million dollar TV series to SAG micro-budgets and Web series.


Drama | 93 min. | 2023

"On the other end of the spectrum is the world premiere of director Stephen Vanderpool and writer/star Sam Brittan’s TEARSUCKER. The plot is a dark and surreal journey that revolves around a psychopath that feeds on women’s tears. Filled with Lynchian tone shifts and dynamic performances that will make you squirm in your seat, Brittan’s haunting rumination on toxic masculinity and equally toxic power dynamics will lodge itself in the darkest corners of your mind.


Allison Walter, Sam Brittan, Danielle McRae Spisso

Boy Friends

Drama | 86 min. | 2023

As seen through the raw digital lens of a Canon XL2, Boy Friends exposes four young men's desperate yearnings for connection and meaning within the loud city of Los Angeles. Kyle second-guesses his decision to leave the city and his dream; Lex struggles to find purpose; Chris deals with a breakup; and Peter falls in love (maybe). 

As we follow their day and night of drinking in Echo Park, we watch them attempt to connect to one another, the women they encounter and, ultimately, themselves. 


Paul Bergmann, Pedro Louis, Avery Bilz


Comedy | Episodic | 2022-2023

A bottom-of-the-rung minion from Hell is sent to Earth to ruin someone's wonderful life.


Jim O'Heir, Carlos Alazraqui

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Comedy | 25m | 2022

From the fun, funny, and frivolously twisted mind of Robert Svetlik comes COVID Hero

Not the hero we need... or deserve... or even want. (Seriously, who let this guy wander around the city with his underwear on the outside?) But he's the hero we're stuck with. (God help us.)


Robert Svetlik, Allison Walter, Sam Brittan

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